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Needed School Supplies

Ticonderoga* #2 My First Pencils, 2-pack

1 large Paper Mate* pink eraser

1 set of Crayola* water color paints, classic colors

1 set of Crayola* Washable paints, classic colors

1 White binders with clear pocket on front, 1”

1 3-ring pen/pencil pouch with clear window

1 Crayola* fine tip classic color markers, 8 - count

1 Crayola* broad tip classic color markers, 8 - count

1 Crayola* erasable color colored pencils, 10- count

1 Elmer’s* purple school glue sticks, 4-count

1 Elmer’s* White Glue Bottle

1 Box of baby Wipes


Please do not label supplies. We share them in the classroom.

Thank you!

Needed Personal Supplies


1 pair wired headphones.

1 full change of uniform appropriate clothing in a large Ziploc bag labeled with child’s name. (Polo shirt, khaki pants, underwear, and socks)

1 leak-proof reusable water bottle (labeled with child’s name)

1 blanket, pillow, and stuffy for rest time. *Optional* (Please no toys)

Standard sized backpack, and individual lunch box.

*Please buy these specific brand name items. I have found that the other brands dry out or break much easier. Thank you!




Please note: Although these items are available on amazon, you will most likely find them cheaper at your local store.

Download this Supply List